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Fit Friday: ENRGI Fitness >

 The PB Marketing team punched it out at ENRGI Fitness’s Strength Boxing class. Tons of cardio, right hooks and sumo burpees are just some of the fun moves in this sweat fest workout – plus everyone gets to hold 2 pound weights in their hands the whole time!

Chantelle Rateliff
Why ENRGI Fitness over all other studios?
​VARIETY!!! Other boutique studios offer only interval training, only barre, only dance, only strength, only boxing,


Fit Friday: Pilates ProWorks >

Deep lunges, squats and rows are just a few of the Pilates poses the PB Marketing Team imitated on the FitFormer at Pilates ProWorks Lincoln Park. The “go at your own pace” classes welcome beginners and experts to strengthen and tone.

Alexandra Mirksy
Why Pilates ProWorks?
Pilates Proworks is amped up Pilates combining resistance, lengthening, strength training and cardio. There are so many classes to choose from: Pilates on the FitFormer, Barre, TRX,


Fit Friday: Equinox >

#Equinoxmadeusdoit – Protein Bar’s Marketing team got STACKED at 900 N Michigan Ave Equinox. This 45 minute high intensity class challenges you to commit to six different full body moves during a 30 second interval sprint. Check out all the Equinox approved fitness classes and see which location is closest to you!

Amanda Mausner
Why Equinox?
Equinox has a collection of the most challenging classes and inspirational instructors in a full-featured luxury fitness

pb kyra

Fit Friday: Pure Barre Boulder >

A new market; a new Pure Barre experience! The Colorado PB Marketing Team sculpted up with Pure Barre’s Boulder location for a quick sweat before the PB Boulder opening!


Michelle Metz

Why practice Pure Barre?
Pure Barre is the fastest, most effective, yet safest way to change your body. In just 55 minutes you will achieve a full-body workout concentrating on the areas women struggle with the most: hips, thighs, seat, abdominals and arms.


Get Fit Friday: AIR® >

Sweaty smiles shined on the faces of The PB Marketing Team suspended mid air in upside lotus pose. This was not a common Monday afternoon with our girlfriends at AIR® in Lincoln Park and River North. We exhausted our muscles while intertwining and swinging around on silk fabric like our favorite circus ballerinas.

Catherine Aldana
What is Aerial Fitness?
AIR® is a suspension based training program that fuses ballet barre work, Pilates, yoga,


Get Fit Friday: Fit4Mom >

Talk about hot Mamas! Protein Bar spent St. Patrick’s Day with Fit4Mom at the Windy City Fieldhouse pushing strollers and eating green treats! Are you a new mom or mom to be? Check out this healthful community full of stroller lunges and empowering women.

Jackie Dorris
What is Fit4Mom?

Fit4Mom offers pre/postnatal fitness classes for moms at all different stages. We offer Fit4Baby prenatal, Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre workouts moms can do


Get Fit Friday: Harmony Mind Body Fitness >

We jumped, we laughed and we got a killer workout with our friends at Harmony Mind Body Fitness in Lincoln Park. Best of all, class ended with some Vitamin D enhanced UV lights that kept the PB Marketing team energized even after an early morning CARDIOLATES® class!

Tara Gillespie
Why Harmony Body over all other studios?
Personal attention, personal relationships and first class instruction. At Harmony you will never be just another face in


Get Fit Friday: Studio Fit Chicago >

Time to TONE up for Spring! Protein Bar spent their lunch hour with the empowering ladies at Studio Fit Chicago stretching out and strengthening. These lovely ladies are here to encourage and inspire all fitness levels to reach their GOALS in a non-imitating environment. Plus, the first week is on them!


Taylor Seguy 
Why Studio Fit Chicago over all other studios?
The atmosphere at Studio Fit is beyond amazing. The instructors are so motivating, the


Get Fit Friday: Shred415 >

Protein Bar’s Marketing Team pushed themselves to their limits at Shred415′s Lincoln Park location. This high intensity workout class switches from weights to treadmill to keep you on your feet and scorch fat and calories in one quick hour. Check out their classes and newest locations to get in your first Shred Class!

Jen Wilkins
Why Shred415 over all other workouts?
Shred415 is a total body workout based on the idea that high

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Our SUPERFANS Have Spoken: The Return of ‘Classic’ Chicken Chili! >

What does Protein Bar and Coca-Cola have in common? Well, in this instance – we both make mistakes about what we think our customers want.

In April 1985, Coca-Cola did what is now thought of as blasphemous – they introduced a formula of Coke that they believed had broader appeal and through testing, tasted better to consumers than their existing Coke formula.

We all know how that story ended – consumers were