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Franklin & Adams

Protein Bar’s first location…and the subject of 3 remodels. This location opened in May of 2009 and initially only served blended drinks and breakfast bowls. 

Across the street from North America’s tallest building, Protein Bar Franklin & Adams caters some of Chicago’s largest and most prestigious companies such United Airlines, and Northern Trust, as well as most of the trading community.

M-Th 7am-7pm F 7am-4pm
P | 312.346.7300
235 S Franklin Street Chicago, IL 60606
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I work in Willis Tower and head to Protein Bar for lunch several times a week - the bar-ritos (wheat flaxseed wrap, with quinoa, vegetables, cheese, and protein) are excellent - with my favorite choices being the original (contains black beans) and the capone (contains spinach and marinara sauce).   It's also possible to customize your own from a selection of ingredients.

Lunch here leaves me satisfied, but not stuffed.. and at least to me, it tastes more like fresh food than health food - I enjoy knowing what I am eating and knowing that I'm not eating prefabricated, mass produced ingredients.  

-Darren, Chicago, IL
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Franklin & Adams
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