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Chicago Vegan Restaurant

The vegan diet has gotten a lot of press lately whether in vegan cookbooks, vegan activism, or the latest vegan restaurant. Chicago is warming up to the vegan way of eating and Protein Bar is helping lead the pack by offering vegan choices in a mainstream way.

Going vegan means everything eating except animal products (meat, cheese, honey, etc).

At Protein Bar Chicago, we are proud to be able to offer most of our menu with vegan options that trade none of the flavor in favor of a meat-free meal: 

  1. Any of our Signature Blended Drinks or savory breakfast bowls can be made vegan by choosing almond milk, soy milk, soy protein, tofu or soy yogurt.
  2. All of our bar-ritos and bowls can be made vegan by choosing tofu, vegetarian chili, dairy and soy-free cheese.