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Photo of LK (Chicago)

LK (Chicago)


HOMETOWN: Little Silver, NJ

PRACTICE: Instructor @ Soul Cycle; pilates, yoga, dance, running and naps

FAVE PBK MENU ITEM: Sweet Potato Falafel Bowl with Avocado

What POWERS you?: I had a dance teacher growing up who banned the word “can’t” from our studio.  Her moto was “positive thoughts, bring positive results”.  It’s cheesy but it is something that has always stuck with me. No can’ts, no don’ts, no won’ts – acknowledge sometimes it is going to be difficult and be willing to do it anyway.  I think if you are going to start something you need to commit to the finish. I make sure to surround myself with driven, creative and supportive people who provide me with encouragement and who continuously inspire me to push beyond the boundaries I set for myself. Support yourself.  Support each other.